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Employment Screening 105 Sep 2017

Employment Screening 1


As is rightly said, "Hiring the right employee can make or break your business". Hiring right means the right skills and the right educational requirements.

In context to the same, we present with a case study wherein the client presented us with the profile of a candidate who was applying for  a leadership role. During the course of the verification of his Educational qualification, it became clear to us that the degree was neither affiliated to nor accredited by any authentic body during the course of Candidate's study from the year 2011 to year 2014. Further investigation revealed that the Institute claimed its affiliation to a well-known trust which in itself was established post Candidate's study in the Institute i.e. after August 2014.


We communicated our concerns to the Client who discussed the same with the Candidate. The Candidate, thus, claimed that the Institute was accredited by a University based out of United States of America and true to his word, he showed the client how the name of the Institute reflected on the University's website as a partner Institute in Asia(India).

It was his word against ours. Giving him the benefit of doubt, the Client requested us for more definitive proof. Not giving into our Client's skepticism on the whole matter, we further investigated the University's claim about its incorporated status in the United States. We checked with EDGAR, the online public database from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and found that the University was not a registered entity. Furthermore, we found that the University in itself was not accredited by any authorized body in the USA.

We shared our findings to the client who further confronted the Candidate with the details. This broke the Candidate's confidence and he confessed to having bought the degree from this 'Diploma Mill'. Further, the Client has taken the appropriate action basis on our findings.

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