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The increasing importance of Data Security in Modern Times

The increasing importance of Data Security in Modern Times

Organizations and businesses are increasingly concerned with data security and it is certainly a major issue in modern times. Ensuring security of data is paramount to the daily running of a business, and loss of confidential data is one of the topmost problems that a company or a business faces.

Taking size of operations out of account, any business or organization is engaged in providing either goods or services to the common person. This requires them to interact with confidential information and customer records which are needed for operations. A data breach will put this information in the wrong hands and this may result in huge losses in business profit as well as dip in faith from customers and investors alike.

Data is the biggest asset that a business can have, and service or product information, financial and business plans, along with information about the buyers of goods and services are of the utmost importance to the company. A lot of business data is also required for revenue optimization, risk mitigation and the altogether overall improvement of business on a large scale. Therefore the security of these kinds of data at all times forms the basis of the day to day running of the company or business.

Business reputation is also something that company stakeholders are concerned about. Nothing hurts a business more than loss of customer credibility. Word gets around very fast regarding any sort of shortcomings on the part of the company, and the damage done with loss of faith is irreparable. Today we see that there is cut—throat competition among all businesses to offer the best services and products to customers, and if a paying customer finds any sort of shortcomings in the company, he/she will simply migrate to another company where the grass is greener.

Needless, to say, the loss of a customer base is very detrimental to the company on a grand scale, and it could even be looking at lawsuits if data breeches occur which jeopardize confidential customer information. The company image takes a severe beating and the media is also quite unforgiving. This is because if a customer pays with his hard earned money for a good or a service, he/she has every right to expect that personal information will not be leaked.


In light of the above concerns, it is very clear that data security should be taken seriously. Netrika Consulting prides itself on being able to offer data security testing and services to top notch companies and they are the go-to people when you have an issue with data security.

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