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The usefulness of corporate cyber forensics

The usefulness of corporate cyber forensics

There is virtually no online crime to which cyber forensics does not have an answer. Information passing through telephones, computers and also fax machines lend themselves to analysis and report by a forensics expert.

Computer forensics completely encompasses electronic discovery. They find all documents, pictures, emails, intellectual property and even trade secrets. Copyright issues and network security breaching are also a part of their operations. Understandably, the forensic expert works in agreement with the owner of the company or the chief person on the board, and secrecy is regularly touted.

Computer forensics has a lot of data being discussed and analysis of that data. Forensics experts have the wherewithal and the resources to restore deleted data using specialized methods unknown to you or me. After the material is recovered, the experts analyze the data to find the author, why and when it was deleted and the relative significance of the file or files at present. Make no mistake about it; data recovery is a professional’s job and he has all the tools and licensed programs to assist him. Trying to retrieve data by yourself will in an overwhelming number of cases, destroy the data completely.

Preservation of evidence is another vital process in the forensic phase. A forensic image is complied with all the related and important data after which, the original data is stored in safety and security clad rooms. The security of the forensic image and also the authenticity has to be carefully analyzed, so that there are no mistakes.

After the forensic team has performed this step, the computer forensic analyst will prepare a report based on his discoveries and care will be taken that only pertinent questions need to be asked, and there is no data overload with unnecessary findings.

The job of the cyber forensic expert is not yet over, he or she has to give testimonials as witnesses to the act, for which an individual or individuals are standing in the dock. Careful choice of words, the tacit use of phrases and accuracy of statements help the court of law in arriving at a conclusion.

Netrika is one of the most popular choices when it comes to selecting an unbiased third party to carry out forensics. With a stellar reputation and highly trained teams, it can quickly carry out forensic procedures. Also, privacy and security are given the utmost weightage, so that you, the company owner have the time and space to decide whether to pursue the case or let go of it for the sake of business popularity.

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