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The exciting world of Cyber Forensics

The exciting world of Cyber Forensics

If you think of crime, cops and robbers come to mind. Apart from that, there is a growing spurt in crime of another kind- cyber crime. And while it may not grab headlines with sensational news, incidents like fraud, phishing, identity theft, hacking as well as data theft are a real and growing menace.

There have been innumerable cases of all the above types of cyber crime, and a cyber forensic investigator is in high demand in many major corporations because of the specialized skill set he/she has to make the cut. Cyber forensic experts are whizzes in network security, and are also more than competent in areas like encryption and data recovery. They are well conversant with all types of cyber-laws because they have to be prepared for the eventuality of a case going to court. He/she will then be called upon as an expert witness and has to prove the solidity of the case.

It is not only PC’s that are the domain of cyber forensic experts. They can handle virtually every device you throw at them, including mobiles, laptops, PDA’s, and tablets. USB drives and media players are also not exempt from their eagle eyes.

Corporates do not like to involve the police because they are aware that id the case is made public through a leak, the reputation of the company will be at stake. Hence they prefer to call in a cyber forensic expert to follow the leads and make a breakthrough in the case. The tools at the disposal of these experts are mostly advanced software and hardware tools. Sadly they do not come armed with a gun!

The world of cyber forensics is a very interesting one and anyone wanting to be a part of it has to be schooled for it, taking various computer networking and security courses that will certify him/her for the job. Netrika Singapore is heavily into cyber forensics in Singapore and you would do well to check them out.

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