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What steps should be taken to counter the rampant piracy of today?

What steps should be taken to counter the rampant piracy of today?

When your company falls prey to having the hard work done over a period of time taken without consent by other sharks, you would realize the frustration and helplessness that many music artists, authors and creative artists feel when they are victims of piracy. Being a hub of commerce and there is need of anti-piracy services in India.

Here is what you can do about it:

  • Sending a Letter: You should start by sending a warm but firm note to the perpetrator sating the fact that they have pirated your content, and accompany it with screenshots and code lines. Doing this before taking action helps your company to understand if the act was an intentional one.
  • A Legal Notice: This is done on your own letterhead or via the services of a good lawyer who knows corporate law and understands the nuances of piracy along with copyright protection.
  • Online Services: There are websites like who can help your organization with submission of removal requests. They have a reputation of getting results within a 48 hour time window. There is also Mark Monitor, which is a client of many large companies and brands, who can detect and prevent online piracy.
  • Complaint to authorities: This means that your company has chosen to go with the legal route, all other methods failing. Approaching the cops may provide immediate relief, or it may not, depending on the complexity of the act. There is also the option of getting a court order which restrains the perpetrator from causing further mischief. You can also seek damages and retribution, and this depends on the country your company is based out of, in this case India. It also depends on the physical location of the copyright infringer.

All the above remedies are time consuming and a headache, to say the least. Your company can ill afford to waste valuable man hours in running after online pirates. Netrika Consulting is quite well known in India as a provider of great anti-piracy solutions and you should approach us if you suspect anything foul.

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