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What is the advantage of doing data penetration testing for your business?

What is the advantage of doing data penetration testing for your business?

Data penetration testing offers many advantages to businesses that rely heavily on the internet for conducting their operations, here are some of the advantages on offer;

  • Revealing vulnerabilities: weaknesses that exist in application configurations, the system and also the network are exposed with data penetration testing. Also, habits and actions of employees could lead to serious data breeches. The penetration testing report brings out these vulnerabilities and makes you sit up and take notice.
  • Real risks: The penetration testing team attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities. This lets you, as a business owner see the process by which it could actually happen in a real life scenario. Sometimes, the testers will also tell you that a perceived vulnerability is not realistic, because of the difficulty that is inherent to the process of exploitation.
  • Testing cyber defense capabilities: In day to day operations, you should be in a position to identify threats and negate them, time and again. The testing feedback shared with you reveals how capable your cyber defense structure really is.
  • Continuity of business: To ensure round the clock smooth functioning of the business, you need the availability of the network, access to resources, and communication capabilities. Disruption of either of the above three will affect your business negatively. Penetration testing will help to expose hidden threats and also ensures that the business operations do not lag behind in terms of accessibility or downtime. In many ways, a penetration testing can be likened to a business continuity audit.
  • An expert 3rd party opinion: Penetration testers do not have any personal bias towards or against your business. They are paid to conduct their testing in an impartial environment and their honesty and frankness in sharing testing results and exposing underlying vulnerabilities are of immense help to stakeholders of a company or business. Third-party opinions are taken seriously by board members who may decide on fund allocation to ramp up defenses in the cyber world.
  • Trust: A data breach or a cyber-attack will leave investors and customers skeptic about your business capabilities. You can avoid this situation altogether with help from penetration testers.

Penetration testing helps your business with prevention of credibility loss and also financial loss through data breaches or network breeches. Netrika Consulting has long term experience in penetration testing and are the ones to contact for any kind of penetration testing.

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