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What are the ways in which a Counterfeiter Tries to Imitate the Original Brand?

What are the ways in which a Counterfeiter Tries to Imitate the Original Brand?

There is a high need of anti- counterfeiting services in India. This is because of brand imitation, where the counterfeiter tries to copy the name, look, feel and the image of another brand which is very much in the public consciousness because of its popularity and services.

Here are some ways in which a counterfeiter goes about this;

  • Product piracy: Here, counterfeiters try to put the same brand name as well as the logo of a famous brand on their products or apparel. Knock off copies of famous brands are available in India. The counterfeiter tries to cash in on the hard earned reputation of an established brand.
  • Trade dressing: The fashion and the style of a competitor’s product are shamelessly copied, and the design is also not spared, barring a few modifications done by the counterfeiter.
  • Tech Leapfrogging: An established company takes quite some time to become well known, and many strategies are used to read the consumer market. If a rival brand waits it out and steps in after the leading company establishes itself, it has the unfair advantage of having a pool of research and tech advances which are copied, and it is basically “standing on the shoulders of giants.”
  • Cloning: This method is that of having an original product and a stolen brand name of a biggie. If there are no patents in place, or absence of trademarks and copyrights, it makes it easier for clones to sell at lower prices.
  • Creative adaptation: This uses the original content and builds upon it, or they adapt it for use in another sphere of work.

There are some factors which affect piracy, and the foremost is time. Counterfeiters wait it out until a famous brand settles down, and then hijack the process, product and content of the brand. Netrika Consulting, based in India, is a well-known company that has delivered results on anti-counterfeiting services time and again. Many well-known brands are their satisfied patrons, and if you have an issue with piracy and counterfeiting, they are the ones to call for a solution.

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