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The Different Facets of Employee Screening in India

The Different Facets of Employee Screening in India

Any company worth its weight in the global or local market will like to have employee screening in lace during the process of new hires to the organization. Employee screening in India by a competent agency can be broken down into the following subcategories.

Education Checks
The education verification will check out the training, certification and the educational claims of the job applicant. The agency in question will reach out to relevant colleges, universities and vocational schools in order to verify the admission dates as well as the graduation dates, the certifications received, and the honors bestowed on the concerned person. The educational checks are a very important part of the entire verification process.

History of Employment
With a large number of applicants who have short stints at other companies before arriving at the door, the history of employment shows where they worked and in which capacity for how long. Reasons for leaving/termination of the job are also looked into. The previous salary of the applicant ensures that the new job remuneration is at par with the previous one.

Criminal Verification
Criminal Verification is carried out by employee screening companies to dig [out any past criminal activities that the prospective employee may be hiding. This is important as he/she can pose a risk to the organization after employment. Both civil and criminal records are examined for traces of wrongdoing or controversies that the individual may have been involved in.

Reference Checks

Very often, professional verification plays a deciding role in the final hiring process. By checking with former immediate superiors of the candidate, the work habit and attitude of the prospective employee can be inspected.  Sadly in countries like India, very often a work reference can be forged or tweaked to the advantage of the applicant. Having a reliable employee screening consultant partner makes the hiring process transparent and bias-free.

Database checks

The database checks normally done in most cases are Criminal records database, civil litigation databases, credit, and reputational risk database checks, serious and organized crime database checks, regulatory and compliance authority database checks, as well as web searches and media searches.

Apart from the above, address verification, resume verification in the cases of gaps of more than 3 months in between two jobs, and compulsory identity checks should also be done. The candidate may also have to go through random or regular drug screenings in an ongoing effort to keep the workplace free of drugs.

Netrika Consulting India offers thorough Employee screening in India and the company has many satisfied clients both at the national and the international level. Their screening processes are exhaustive, diligent and full of refined expertise so as to deliver results each and every time.

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