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Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS)

Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS)


Accredited by CIISCM (Chartered Institute of Security & Crisis Management). The Certified Anti Terrorism Specialist (CATS) Program provides an in-depth understanding into the strategic, operational and tactical awareness on international terrorism terrains and unveils anti terrorism measures with considerations for the development of preparedness, plans with mitigation and practices in the face of imminent terrorist attacks. The ability to defend “soft targets” — where terrorists can cause widespread and deadly devastation remains elusive. The course accustoms security professionals and practitioners with the precise skill sets to act and react towards deploying maximum priority to safety and security of both people and property.

Description of the program

The Certified Anti Terrorism Specialist (CATS) is taught at the unclassified level and provides an introduction to international terrorism with its defined similarities and differences in the terror groups, their origins and development to date. Participants learn about the structure, operational capabilities and threats posed by terrorist groups as well as their intents and tactics at regional and country specific. Widely known and active international terrorist organizations will be discussed with a focus on their ideology, mind-set, and modus operandi. A determined, radicalized terrorist or a lone wolf who is willing to give up his life is almost impossible to prevent anywhere. Understand the latest attack tactics and methods that have been deployed at varied locations and multiple times with devastating effects. The lessons learnt are the core mitigation towards enhancing protective measures and hardening of security layers.

Beyond fully secured areas, places such as airports, ports, manufacturing entities, hotels, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings, sports arenas, concert halls, clubs, pubs and train stations where there is a mass of people gathering can be totally vulnerable. Today any and every place of convergence of people has become targets. VBIED and arson are some of the latest manoeuvres of terrorist. While enforcement presence is a deterrent, it is impossible to protect every single soft target.

The subject matter expert trainers coach the participants to learn and understand from the analytics of a perpetrator’s eyes and mind. Learn and assess the hardness of the target. Realize the signals and signs of visible lack of security and when the deterrence is visibly low or not present and understand the exposure and vulner¬ability towards becoming a target.

The Table Top Exercise (TTX) discussions and debate will include preventive measures, security guidelines, and emergency protocols for crisis events such as: lone wolf attacks, IED and VBIED attacks, kidnap, hostage and ransom, events management, hotel bombings and mass gathering or mass people movement.

Modules of the Program

  • Global Terrorism Threats and Trends
  • Recent Terrorist Attacks: Case Study
  • Explosives and Its Effects
  • Improvised Explosive Device
  • Fundamentals of Anti and Counter Terrorism Framework
  • Methods of Attack: Tactics, Techniques and Procedure
  • The Process of An Operational Plan: The Attack Cycle
  • Ex Silent Whisper: Attacking and Defending a Target – Vulnerability Assessment
  • Managing IED Incidents
  • The Use of Internet and IT for Criminal, Terrorist and Security Purposes
  • Exercise Swift Valor: Reacting to IED Incidents

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