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Employee Screening

Employee Screening

At Netrika we offer diverse, flexible & tailored employment screening solutions to our clients in more than 200 countries and territories.

Basic Checks

Education Check

Education Verifications for employment verify the certification, training, or educational claims of a job applicant. Our educational verification services contact universities, colleges, vocational schools, etc., to verify dates of attendance and graduation, degrees or certifications obtained, majors studied, GPA, and honors received. The verification of education process is an important part of a quality pre-employment background check.

Employment History

Employment history is a detailed list of where and when you worked, the jobs you held and how much you earned.

The employer or the company they hire to verify employment will confirm information such as the places of candidate’s previous employment, the dates of employment, candidate’s job’s title, salary earned at each job, and reasons for leaving.

Criminal Verification – Police Clearance Certificate

We conduct criminal verification to verify the individual’s undisclosed criminal history (if any) in the jurisdiction where the individual currently resides/has resided through the available records a police clearance certificate will be issued.

Criminal checks through court record search method

We conduct verification to verify existence/non-existence of an individual’s criminal history by searching criminal and civil court records. Copy of release and authorization

 Reference Check

Professional reference verifications often make a big difference in the final hiring decision. Immediate Supervisors of candidates can often shed valuable insight into the candidate's working habits and attitude.

Did you know that in countries like India, references are usually tweaked, or forged, which make reference checks difficult? But, relax. Don't let that stop you from hiring good candidates from countries like India because we can help.

Our Professional Verification service provides consistent application of company policy and careful documentation critical to the success of any pre-employment screening program. Evaluation criteria can be tailored to suit industry or job-specific needs.

 Database Check

Database Verification: Ascertain if the candidate has been reported on any of the global regulatory, compliance and sanctions list.

Following are the Database Checks that would be covered are:

  • Criminal Records Database Checks – India
  • Civil Litigation Database Checks – India
  • Credit & Reputational Risk Database Checks – India
  • Serious & Organized Crimes - Database Checks – Global
  • Regulatory Authorities Database Checks – Global
  • Compliance Authorities Database Checks – Global
  • Web & Media Searches
 Address Verification

Help clients judge the authenticity of the current and permanent addresses of the candidate.

 Gap Verification

Resume Verification- A non-detailed or not disclosed time gap of 3 months or (as specified) between two employments or education and employment is considered a gaDisclosed Gaps- The reasons for the gap are substantiated through evidence presented.

Advance checks

With increased in forged documentation by candidates and resume lies. It has become mandatory to check the legitimacy of the organization mentioned by the candidate.

Identity Check

Verifying the mentioned documents with the Issuing Authorities

  •  Passport
  •  PAN Card
  •  Ration Card
  •  Voter ID Card
  •  Driving license
  •  Birth certificate

Drug Testing

Netrika will work with you to customize your workplace drug testing program to meet your specific needs, including:

  •  Post-accident drug testing
  •  Random drug testing
  •  Pre-employment drug testing

Media Searches

Netrika will perform various searches to provide you with evidence of candidate’s reputation in society

  •  Social Media search
  •  Print Media Search
  •  Integrity checks

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